About what will be this article?

The text below is in a slightly crooked mirror, and describes the requirements of people regarding what a dog hotel should look like, what should happen, how it should work. Exaggerations are intentional… If there are any at all.

NOTE: The article below was written originally in Polish and is regarding Polish labour law, as well as local specifications (incl. especially nominal costs).

Perfect dog hotel building


The hotel is home as well. It has a lot of open space, many accommodations that provide the dogs with any luxury they want. Obviously it has a few extra, well above the norm, couches that will be available for the pooches to lie down. The stairs are limited to minimum, preferably there aren’t any. Did I mention space? So yeah, the house must be spaceful, and dogs have to have any space they want for crazy stuff. The walls should be decorated with dog motifs. The building should be so clean that no trace of dogs is visible - the owners should ensure that someone cleans all the floors and wipes dust on a regular basis, even every 15 minutes, if necessary. The house should be equipped with 24/7 CCTV so you can watch what’s going on with the doggos and yeah, about the privacy of the owner, huh? HE wanted that hotel, so he should take the consequences onto his shoulders.

Perfect garden in a dog hotel


The area should be flat, partly wooded, with varied surfaces. There shouldn’t be any concrete, the grass should be firm and dense, and evenly trimmed. The garden should have a lot of equipment for exercises with dogs and a pool for dogs urging to swim or wade in the water. The whole area should be fenced with an armoured fence so that even the greatest escapist could not get out. The garden should have a minimum of an acre. It should also be monitored 24/7 so you know what’s going on with dogs. Stool should be removed instantly, while the garden should be regularly treated with safe disinfectants.


Preferably in the center of the city or its immediate surroundings, but at the same time sidelined (maybe by the byway), so it’s easily and quickly accessible. Parking lots should allow to park by the hotel. At the same time, the hotel should be located high enough to be above the “smog level”.

Dog training


The hotel staff should only include people with a specialized education on working with dogs. Everyone should have training in canine behavioristics and CPR, and years of experience in work with dogs. The hotel should also have a veterinary clinic in its area or have signed contracts with veterinarians who’d help with an emergency call at any time of day or night. Additionally, along with people dealing with dogs, there should be people taking care of the garden and home in matters of tidying and cleaning. Enough people should be employed that care is provided ’round the clock. There is no way there are no people in the building even for a slight moment.


WIn an idealistic hotel dogs are provided with walks outside the garden combined with exercises, at least 3 times a day. Preferably they shouldn’t perform their duties in the garden at all, completely outside only. In addition, they got guaranteed engaging psychophysical exercises, and the staff spends a lot of time with them at home and in the garden, constantly monitoring their behavior. Dogs are admitted regardless of their character and whether they’re in the heat or not, staff can control them and, if possible, do not isolate them, and if they isolate, employees take care of the insulated dog individually, spending a lot of time at home with him. In the garden, all pets can play with each other and enjoy all the attractions. Caretakers serve meals prepared by the owners or prepare them according to the instructions.

Group dog walks outside the hotel's area.


- Receptions of the dogs in and out should be possible at any time, 24/7, even without prior information.

- Place is equipped with a separate kitchen where you can prepare meals and store both BARF and cooked food.

- In reference with the business, the hotel should also be ready to accept a random dog as a foster home for free, to promote help – one dog won’t make much difference to them in the end.

- Dogs should be delivered home only after bathing, brushing, drying. A day should cost no more than $10.

Dear reader – do you think something’s missing here? Anything you wish to add? Or maybe you’d like to put something out?

What do you think is the sensible price for your hotel to be looked after?

A hotel running this way generates a monthly cost of a minimum of $ 15 thousand – according to the labor law, it would require the work of at least 6 people. In addition, the costs of water, electricity, fees for equipment/buildings, etc.

Is it the same as the price you’ve thought about earlier? How busy should it be to make such money? Or maybe give up some of the above so the price is within your range? What would you give up?

Of course, there were many exaggerations in the text, as well as information completely true and necessary in the functioning of such a place, did you manage to catch them?

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